Tuesday, March 11, 2014

World Building in 30 days - Magic - Sources

Following up on the Will & Word Magic article we talk about our third source, Inherrent Magic.

Inherent Magic

  • Sorcery
  • Blood Magic - Tor Siri
  • Creatures of Magic - Pey, Pey-Tanni

Inherrent magic is the special abilities a creature is born with. Trolls and Werewolves have regenitive properties. Vampires shape shift, have powerful gazes, call animals, etc. This magic is in the very fabric of their DNA (and no they are not measurable midicholriens, don't make me slap you). Every creature is tied to the weave, but some creatures are more. The Tor Siri harm and slaughter vampires to perform dark rituals. The older the vampire, the more powerful the spell.


All magical creatures. Ie Unicorns, Dragons, Vampires, Pey, Pey-tanni, If I look under any D&D creature description and see spell like ability, then this creature is drawing it from here. Gawds get their magic from here and Will magic (Belief). True Sorcerers ie Wild Magic Sorcerers, Elemental Sorcerers, Dragonblood Sorcerers also get their power here. Any magic or ritual that slays one of these creature that power also comes from here.

How? Mechanics

These creatures are either pure creatures from before the Weave, crossbred creatures from the Pey, or creatures that were infused by the Weave during one of the Sunderings. Most of these were formed like the Vampyre and Dragons, via the dark workings of Gerand.

Pros: This source of power cannot be cut off by many means that the other Sources can.

Cons: This source is only as powerful as the being using it.

Origins of the idea: Greek Myth (Demi-gods, Satyr, Fauns, Nymphs etc)

Examples in Gaming: D&D Sorcerer

Example in Media: Dune (Breeding to produce Paul Muad’dib), Meredith Gentry novels by Laurell K Hamilton (Hands of Power, Fey Creatures)


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