Tuesday, March 11, 2014

World Building in 30 Days - Climate and Variety


Red - Tropical - Brazil, Southern India, Korea, Vietnam

Hot and Wet Year Round, Monsoons

In Ea-Reth the region of Omarond is Tropical.


Green - Humid Sub Tropic - South Eastern US, China

Dry cool but not cold winter, hot summer with high rainfall

Ea-Reth Western Yathe, Central Northern Ovelesk


Yellow - Humid Continental - Eastern US, Eastern Europe

Cold Winter, hot summer, precipitation year round

Ea-reth Eastern Yathe, Central Southern Ovelesk


Marine Coast - Seattle, UK, Western Europe

Warm not hot summers, cool not cold summers, evenly distributed precipitation


Orange - Arid - Sahara, SW US, Western Australia, Mongolia

Extremely hot summers, winter night time temperatures below freezing, less than 25 cm of water annual

Ea-reth - Yathe, Mud Plains, Gehenna, Plains of Ash - Northern Ovelesk, Southern Ovelesk


Orange, Arid adjacent - Semi-Arid - Colorado, Kansas, African Steppe, Austraila Outback

Hot and Dry Summers, Cold and Dry Winters, less water than will evaporate normally




Purple on Gray - Tundra - North Pole

One month of snow melting temps, but remains mostly frozen the rest of the year


Purple - Sub-Arctic - Canada, Siberia

Long cold winters, short cool summers, snow melts after winter ends


Gray - Ice cap - Antarctica, South Pole, extreme North Pole

Cold year round, constant or near constant ice cap


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