Monday, March 10, 2014

FPR - In Which Kiri Splits the Party

This weeks Family Play Report comes a little late. My cousin plays Kiri the Elven Thief. I named her Kiri for the blog my players don't get to pick names until third level. My cousin has never played D&D before. She is not much of a gamer, or a geek but she's smart. We can fix the rest.

The Hangover, Ea-Reth style


This week the party took advantage of Jeff Rients Carousing Rules from the Miscellaneum of Cinder. I read the old rules and as a result gave out more XP than was strictly appropriate per the rules, however the risk vs. reward was equivalent so... next time I am implementing the save vs. poison and will have to work on expanding the table to 100 entries.

The rules as written

  • 1) Player rolls 1d6 (1d8 town, 1d10 city) and a save/less than level
  • 2) Player expends 1d6 x 100 gp (150 gp town, 250 gp city), if gp exceeds PCs wealth debt is owed to an unsavory NPC
  • 3) Player gains XP = GP
  • 4) if the value of the die is less than PCs level or the save is failed then roll a d20 on Jeff's table depending which version of the rules are used

4 of my 7 players partook, with Joel the Knave, Francine the Thief and Kristoph of Tyr abstaining. Now the results:

  • Kiri and Nathalie both rolled a 15 they are wanted by the guards for a money laundering scheme they are implicated in
  • Geoff the Chaotic rolled a 14, he is now a member of secret society, that he can't remember the pass phrases or signs for
  • Ara of Yero rolled an 18 falling head over heels in love with the parties henchman Fred the Ranger. The dwarf must have been attracted to his Bluto style beard... Luckily Fred is single at the moment

All the participating players except for the Cleric are now dirt broke.

The party gathered their wits. The wanted disguising themselves to sneak out of town. They used their map to locate the Azure River, the burnt out city and the two mountain peaks. They forded a river, climbed the narrow path and reached the cliff top. Two lonely buildings stood there, no sign of the Keep they expected. The party camped and awaited sunrise. I missed a choice opportunity to have Fred approach Ara on his watch. In the morning the party entered the dungeon via the slate staircase carefully avoiding the oak stairs.

In the Dungeon

The players slew

  • A Giant Ant (Warrior) - finding a scaled corpse with a necromantic medallion in its belly
  • 9 Giant Rats - guarding 7 stone urns with assorted dangerous goods and 1500 in sp
  • 2 zombies from a room full of shriekers

Kiri the Elves Solo Journey

Kiri and Geoff entered a room with two sofas, an ottoman, and two moth eaten tapestries. Kiri moved about the room poking the walls, while Geoff rubbed his aching feet and sat on the ottoman. After a few minutes a rumbling began beneath the room. Geoff, whose player is an experienced 3E and 4E player, decided to bolt for the archway where the rest of the party huddled. Kiri elected to keep pressing the limestone bricks behind the tapestries. The party was shocked to see the entire room descend taking Kiri with it, elevator style.

Kiri now on a different level, sets about mapping and cautiously exploring. She narrowly avoids a confrontation with three undead. Making her way deeper into the dungeon she hears the clack, clack of approaching toe nails on stone. She quickly makes her way back to hide behind a statue of Seelian Coil. The harpy catches scent of her elven blood and taunts, "Come out my pretty, it has been so long since I have had Fey blood!" As the harpy passes by Kiri springs from her hiding place and takes half the beasts life. Kiri takes two more swings unable to connect. A claw attack causes minor wounds 1 of her 3 HP. Kiri shakes off the charm spell before it can take hold and flees toward the elevator room. She rounds a corner, douses her lantern and stands stock still vanishing as only an OSR thief can. The harpy runs by, Kiri following it down the hall silently. The harpy is searching behind the sofas when the Thief's blade erupts from her chest. Kiri catches her breath and the room ascends to the upper level of the dungeon whence it came.

Kiri finds the party just as Ara deftly smashes a zombies head in. Her mace serving her better than Turn Undead.

We ended there.

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