Why an axe to grind?

I guess firstly I need to introduce myself a bit. I go by Anaxetogrind about the inter webs. I am sure many wouldn't immediately pick up on the intended pun. So the obvious question is why call myself that?

I suppose in part it is a call back to my youth and J.R.R. Tolkien's thirteen dwarves. I have always had an affinity for dwarves. Ie the dwarves of fantasy literature. The idea of stoic, hard working creatures appeals to something inside of me. The favored weapon of the dwarf is the axe. A tool that decisively chops thru wood as easily, as an orcs neck. Orcs of course being the symbol of corrupt and destructive parts of mans baser natures, at least in their early conception during the high fantasy era.

The axe also refers to a guitar. An instrument that has figured highly into the central music themes of the last century. I love music, I am absolutely rubbish at singing and worse at playing. However, the appreciation of another's creative genius is still there with me.

So the grind part. Well, you grind a guitar and you grind a hatchet. The method is quite different but both net the same result. In the hands of a master musician like Hendrix or Slash, a ground guitar produces an emotional response in the audience. Regarding the hatchet you grind a blade to improve its ability to chop, hack and slice. In that way, my inter web experience is about slicing thru the bs, hacking apart misinformed and ill thought out rhetoric and chopping a clear path into the future.

Ok that was more then I intended to write about my nom de plume. Just know that I am a father of five, music and fantasy enjoying, seeker of truth, and unleveled DM. The rest we will explore together as the weeks pass.