Saturday, August 16, 2014

On Using Minis

With D&D next and OSR tactical combat moves to the rear, but my family has trouble with the concept of Theatre of the Mind. In order to simplify matters I picked up some cheap minis from my FLGS. Ranging from $2 to $10 bucks the Bones line Reaper Minatures are surprisingly detailed and easy to deal with. With only a minimum (15 mins tops) of prep work I was happily painting away. The results though amateurish, my unsteady hands being the cause, have reinvigorated my desire to bust out the paints and minature collection. Searching about the internet this seems to be the best in plastic figs, at least until Hero Forge gets there site up and running.


This of course led me to drool at Dwarven Forge and contemplate the hassle involved in Hirst Arts molds. Now I don't mean to run down Hirst. If you have the time and know how this is definitely a great solution for the price. Plenty of folks are selling ready made terrain from these molds as well. Finally, I stumbled across Dungeonstone. The effort involved and price point seems right for me. We will have to do some aggressive negotiation with my accountant but I am looking forward to leaving tiles and dry erase pens behind. Once I receive them I will have to provide some feed back on the site. In the meantime, here are some shots of my unskilled mini painting from last week. Check out Bones with two kick starters the collection is wide and varied.


The Party

Lady Dawn Belle Ara of Corrin Hill - A human Noble Fighter on a mission to reclaim her birthright


Sergeant Yong Rockseeker - A dwarven mercenary company member who left her order when she found Oghma. She is looking for her missing cousins.


Arthrand Knightblade - A human folk hero fighter who grew up in Thundertree. He has heard rumors Venomfang has taken over there and he plans to vanquish the foe and restore the town.


Draene Illethe - An Elven acolyte wizard who is plagued by dreams of Oghma's desecrated altar. He has come to restore the altar.


Francine Alderleaf - A halfling hunted thief, who fled Phandalin when a price was put on her head. She has returned to settle the score and clear the price on her head. She is related to Qelline and Carpe Alderleaf, local farmers.

The Badies



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