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World Building in 30 Days - Subspecies Pt 2

Yesterday we covered the Second and Third Sunderings for the Mae and the Yae. Today we will finish off the remaining groups the Drae, the Tae, and the Fae/Vai.

Second and Third Sunderings Continued

The Tae

The Tae are the chosen of Aeres. They grew wings, gained great eyesight and established a home in Torroskar. Before Seelian Coil destroyed their homeland they rode the air currents high above the Lake of Fire. On the Lake's shore the Pey and the Tanni dwelt. Those that had served the Gawds at least. At the end of the dawn war a portion of the Tae's land was given away. This angered the Tae greatly and unlike the Mae they wanted nothing to do with the interlopers. Unfortunately, the interlopers did not feel the same way. They took to taunting and torturing the Tae. The Tae were divided on how to respond.

The Kenku, wished not to respond. The Ka-ru true to their predatory nature wanted to attack. The Corbies and the Ore-ru decided not to commit. In the end the followers of Ka won the debate. A desperate costly battle was fought. The Tae won the day and ever after they were known as Torrians amongst the free peoples.

In Ea-Reth the Kenku race is a sub-race of the larger Torrian race. Corbies, Kenku, Ore-ru, and Ka-ru all live in Tael Tor. Kenku are raven like creatures, Corbies are crow like, Ore-ru are vultures and condor like, and Ka-ru are predator like eagles, falcons, owls and hawks. Tael Tor is the remnant of Yathe that was scooped off the face of Ea-reth. Here on pinnacle rocks rising from the sea, Torrians build their cities. The other sub-races don't often leave the safety of the rocky dwellings, called Torroskar. The exception being the Kenku. Kenku travel the world as messengers. Any vocal sound heard by a Kenku can be duplicated exactly. They are unable to improvise in any way. Their unique vocal talents have made them trusted messengers the world over.

The Drae

After the First Sundering, the Drae had morphed into bipedal humanoid reptilians. The Drae inhabited the land of Omarond, from the Plains of Ash to the tropical rain forests west of the Plateau of Fire. They were the chosen of Feydyakhan in the First Age and the foot soldiers of Gerand in the Second Age.

During the time of Feydyakhan, the Drae consisted of eight nomadic tribes. They roamed the land stalking prey far and wide. At the summer solstice they would gather all the tribes on the Plateau of Fire. Here a great feast was held and sacrifices were rendered up to Feydyakhan. At the beginning of the Second Age Gerand appeared to them as a many headed dragon and spoke of a future in which the world would be controlled by them. In order to achieve this he demanded their oaths. Three of the tribes refused, five accepted.

Gerand laid a dark curse upon the three tribes that refused. The tribe of drake grew large, they fell onto all fours. The largest turned on the smaller and sated there hunger on the lesser of the tribe. The tribe scattered into the wilds of the forest. The titanic beasts turned their sight east and crossed the Molmar into the Greenwood. With fire and the tramp of their mighty bodies the great land drakes carved a path of destruction north. When they reached Thak Tarkas the Dwarfs halted their advance, The Wyrm Wars began. The Dwarfs cursed the cowardice of the fleeing Ellu Vai, safely hidden in the deep parts of the Greenwood.

The Tribe of Drago sprouted wings and took flight, for a while they stalked the lesser drakes and drogs. Soon they tired of the game and turned north and came to Gehenna. The fell upon Yant's people. The blood of the giants coursed through their veins and they were misshapen and engorged by the feast. It was not long before they turned on each other. Those that survived flew far afield carving out territories for themselves and jealously guarding all that they claimed.

The Drogs fled deep into the mountains at the sight of their changing kin. The drogs soon gagged as their own stench filled their nostrils. There skulls grew thick their minds growing small. They found dark shelter in the warm caves of the Molmar. They hid themselves and lost all knowledge they once possessed save the core obedience to Feydyakhan.

The other five tribes followed Gerand to the Tower of Run Imar. Here he taught, tortured and changed them as he saw fit. To kobolds he taught trap making and servitude without question. To the Dragonborn he taught war, violence and dark sorcery. To the draegarians he taught the right of might. The draegarians became the slave masters, overseers of all the races captured by his armies. Into the draconians he tortured a cruel pragmatism and gifts of flight. Finally, the dragotha he shaped to meet the Fae centaurs and cat-taurs in battle.

The Fae and Vai

When Tyr was destroyed and the Feywild and Shadowfell formed those who dwelt nearest Eglain were caught in the change. They became creatures that experienced all worlds at once. The Fae are those that dwell in the Feywild but see Ea-reth and the Shadowfell, the Vai those that walk in Ea-reth but can see the Feywild and Shadowfell. The nearness to Eglain determined the degree to which these creatures could experience these realms.

Gnum Vai or grey elves are most often called gnomes today. They were in the grey hills south of the green wood.

Ellu Vai or green elves are also called wood elves. They were in the greenwood at Tyr's death.

The Ellu Fae are high elves, lesser Sidhe or sometimes called Eladrin. They live in the Feywild but can see and cross over into Ea-reth. The Ellis Fae are the Sidhe, powerful Fae that were worshipped by man and gained power from belief magic. The Sidhe have taken on the form of nature and the elements. They care little for the mortal world.

The Sutis Vai are sea elves, or blue elves. They were on the shore of the Shargain. They are rarely encountered but are masters of shape change and trickery.

There are three races of elves that are called the Kai or betrayers. Their true names have been struck from memory and are only remembered for the actions they took during the Kinslaying during the Third Sundering. All Kai were twisted by their treachery and lost the beauty they once had. The annals of the Sidhe record the end of the Kinslaying and the prophecy concerning it as below:

The Ora and the Auri came next defending their actions in the Kinslaying with the lies Gerand and Laski taught them. Tyr frowned at this. So angry was he with their words that he called them Kai in the language of the gods and traitors they were. The Auri Kai fell to the ground their bodies the color of the ash as a reminder of what was done to the land of dreams. The Ora Kai became twisted like the trees of the land of dreams. There skin took on the color of sickly bark. Both races of Kai then fled from Tyr’s sight into the deep and dark places of the world. Tyr troubled by his own anger sent gifts to these fleeing children. The Auri he gave power over darkness and the flame of purple light that they might find security in the deep places and a light not to draw dark things upon themselves. The Ora he gave an inner strength to protect them from the sight of the misshapen forms he cursed them with. To both races he gave the sight of the deep dark. The Shadar-Kai he sent deep into the Shadowfell. Their they view the mortal and Fae worlds ever without light or solid form to enjoy their lives. To them he gave power over shade and shadow.

The paths of yew woods, carried fled feet from Aelfhame under Twilight Boughs. The kinslayers driven by the slain. Long shades of the forest chased the fleet footed beyond the reach of Tyr's wroth. Incanters of long forgotten arts sealed doors with stones laden by arcane might. Cold princes and star-skinned knew not soon would sundered cousin reunite with exiled kin. Many travels of wandering stars will pass afore crumbled stone will once again reunite the three to one. When the twilight paths will fade and Aelfhame will return to mortal coil.


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