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World Building in 30 Days - Mood and Setting

The point of today's excercise is to link your story to a locale via climate. I have already done that for this campaign. I will use today to explain and expound on the overall theme of the world and the area I am using.

My current campaign is set in in the Fifth Age. It comes after the Spell Plague and the Withering two subjects that will be discussed tomorrow. Magic is a sparse commodity. People fear it, they are jealous of those that wield it. The world has seen a few large empires but they have fallen apart, plunging the world into a Dark Age that they are just now emerging from. Danger has crept into the spaces between civilization. Civilization is groups of survivors huddled together for safety. The Dark Powers of the world vie for dominance of tiny territories. Rangers wander the wilds clearing paths for civilization to spread. Strong characters can cleave out lands for themselves from these wilds.

At the western edge of Southern Ovelesk stands a large mountain range. To the west of it huddles the small city-states of Kuln, Odanis, and Riddleport. Between them a smattering of villages occupy the former lands of the Marsonites. The fallen Byzantine style empire was once powerful but the Breaking, a horrible plague and the Great War have left the empire only a legend told around camp fires and a smattering of ruins for treasure seekers to raid.



Odanis: Last Vestige of a Failing Power

Metropolis: Dread, Dominance, Power


Magocracy: Tor Siri

A Citadel stands here. The city ruled by the Tor Siri. The blood mages alliance with the Council of Vampyre failed after the Great War. Their attempt to register magic users was curtailed one hundred and fifty years ago by the Gray Council. The Spell Plague and Withering further limited their reach. The city and a handful of nearby villages is under their control.

The Tor Siri are currently ruled by Xial, the eleventh leader of the order. She is focused on rebuilding the strength of Odanis. Her forces hunt for Vampyre to grow her stock and keep the flow of blood magic alive.

The city itself is inhabited by a smattering of races, humans being the ruling elite. The population is used to seeing magic users but the Tor Siri still pose a danger to them.

Population: 88,299 (Human 95%, Half-Orc 2%, Gnome 1%, Elf Grell 1%, Other 1%)

Population by Class: Commoner - 78,989, Warrior - 4,340 , Expert - 2408, Other - 1693, Aristocrat- 436, Adept - 433

Languages - Common (Eastern Trading Tongue), Mae (Marsonite), Vai (Gnomish, Green Elven), Kai (Orcish),

Local Religion: Temples to Tyr, Draccorrin, and Abyss

Crime/Corruption/Punishment: 4/3/7



Riddleport: Growing Trade Center

Small city: Courage, Freedom, Brotherhood


Monarchy (was Band Society): Duchess Reyifor

Once a pirate town, Riddleport pirates raided Minotaur shipments sailing from Taldras to Northern Ovelesk. Following the Omarond civil war, Duchess Reyifor fled here with her daughter. Her husband, a Duke of Omarond, was slain by his brother. The Duchess married Jax Darkhallow the pirate king. Her wisdom grew the lawless town into a strong sea power. The untimely death of Jax Darkhallow, left the Duchess a widow a second time. Her daughter has married a lesser Arkhosian Prince, named Draez. Prince Draez brought legitimacy to her rule and trade relations with the city-states of Arkhosia.

Riddleport controls access to Southern Ovelesk's Underrealm. The city is allied with a group of Auri-Kai that dwell below the city.

Population: 22,219 (Human 37%, Halfling 20%, Half-Elf 5%, Dwarf 3%, Minotaur 10%, Dragonborn 18%, Gnome 7%)

Population by Class: Commoner - 19,365, Warrior - 1064, Expert - 638, Other - 943, Aristocrat- 106, Adept - 103

Languages: Common (Eastern Trading Tongue), Mae (Marsonite), Vai (Gnomish), Kai (Dark Elvish), Yae (Khazad Dwarven, Minotauran), Drae (Draeconic - Omarondan, Arkhosian)

Local Religion: Temple to Abyss, Shrines to Draccorin, Aeres and Yero

Crime/Corruption/Punishment: 9/7/4



Kuln: Strong Mining and Metal Work

Large City: Ex Constantia Victoria (In Steadiness Victory)


Oligarchy Council based on Chiefdom(Tribal)

Kuln is a cosmopolitan city ruled by a council of five dwarven thanes. The five controlling houses alternate control of the High Thaneship every fifty years. The city itself is divided into two portions, the Rift and the Walled District.

Population: 52,798 (Human 2%, Half-Elf 3%, Dwarf 79%, Elven 5%, Mul 1%, Gnome 8%, Goliath 1%, Other 1%)

Population by Class: Commoner - 46,627, Warrior - 2562, Expert - 1537, Other - 1563, Aristocrat- 256, Adept - 253

Languages: Common (Eastern Trading Tongue), Mae (Marsonite), Vai (Gnomish, Green Elven, High Elven), Yae (Goliath, Khazad Dwarven, Khemblin, Kholen, Gullaga)

Local Religion: Temples to Yero,

Crime/Corruption/Punishment: 3/2/8

The Walled district is built between the two arms of Mount K├╝gel. A twenty foot thick wall complete with battlements, three towers and two city gates. A series of four temples are dedicated to Yero, Tyr, Aeres and Abyss. They lie on the southern edge of the market square. The market is filled with the prime export of Kuln, forged metal goods. Outlying farms sell their excess grain and livestock here to the inhabitants.

Outsiders are not allowed into the Rift. The dwelling place of the dwarven residents, the Rift is a craggy divide in the mountain Kuln is built upon. Titanic doors and battlements have been constructed across the Rift for defense. Upon entering these doors one is in the residences and work shops of forty thousand dwarves. Built into the sides of the crag, the Rift is segregated into distinct populations. On the north wall the Khazad and sand dwarves, Khemblin, dwell and on the south wall the Kohle and Gulagga or mud dwarves dwell. The mud dwarven than has just begun his rule. Rumors persist that they have kidnapped the Duchess of Reyifor to spark a war with Riddleport.

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