Friday, February 28, 2014

World Building in 30 Days - Overview

As another campaign gears up, I find myself returning to my "world". This world is used for my forays into short stories, novels, and gaming. Sections and various "ages" have been fleshed out over the years by different gaming systems, campaigns and stories but I have never fully documented the bones. Over the next 30 to 45 days. (Excluding for weekends and life events). My goal is to detail out these bones in a series of posts


In order to accomplish this goal I need to set myself some guidelines/rules.

  1. I will be relying heavily on Stephanie Cottrell Bryant's Magical World Builder, a 30 day world building tutorial
  2. I have a deadline daily to post my content (1 am), articles will be a minimum of 1000 words on topic of the day - Final deadline for 30 articles is tax deadline April 15th
  3. The 30 Days of Topics will be
  • a. Cosmology
  • b. Magic
  • i. Cataclysmic Events
  • c. Climate and Variety
  • d. The Physical Planet
  • e. Mood and Setting
  • f. The Map - Done-ish
  • g. Races
  • h. Recent History - Fifth Age
  • i. Ancient History
  • i. By Age - High Points
  • j. Economics and Politics - Fifth Age
  • k. Languages
  • l. Mood and Culture
  • m. Focus In
  • n. The Speculative Element
  • o. Plot hooks and the Speculative Element
  • p. Education
  • q. Resources
  • r. More Speculation
  • s. Moody Review
  • t. Speculation and Society
  • u. What if? Character
  • v. Plot Hook Day
  • w. Flora and Fauna
  • x. Revisiting Geography
  • y. Revisiting Culture
  • z. Mood II
  • aa. The Sky
  • bb. Anti-What If?
  • cc. Plot Hooks II
  • dd. What Did We Leave Out?
  • ee. Character

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