Friday, February 28, 2014

Ack Poison, Save Or Die!

“Poison!" Grover yelped. "Don't let those things touch you or..."

"Or we'll die?" I guessed.

"Well...after you shrivel slowly to dust, yes."

"Let's avoid the swords," I decided.

― Rick Riordan

Prompted by a post on Google+ and This Gents Blog I decided to throw a quick post up on poison.

Firstly, let me say I killed off my daughter's 1st level fighter with a giant spider's Save or Die poison a few weeks ago. My 8 year old, thief level 1, tried to suck the poison out but she failed her save again. Luckily, he succeeded.

Since, then I have thought about ways I could have made this encounter cooler. The following are thoughts that coalesced in the conversation tonight. The blog entry deals with specific creatures, but what about those situations when you are creating a creature or an assassin and want an effect that is consistent with the rest of your world? Check the Virulence table and roll the appropriate die on the effects table below.

To be clear I am in no way promoting DM's to shy away from Save Or Die! nor am I promoting DM fiat! though the option rules at the bottom of the effects table walk a fine line of eliminating Player Agency. Inexperienced DMs are warned to use these with caution lest they end up tied from the ceiling fan.

Poison Virulence

  1. Man Made poison distilled from nature - roll 1d20
  2. Man Made poison as weapon - roll 1d12
  3. Magic Creature Poison as Weapon - roll 1d10
  4. Magic Creature Poison as Defense - roll 1d8
  5. Natural Creature Poison as Defense - roll 1d6
  6. Natural Creature Poison to Hunt - roll 1d4

Poison Effects

  1. DMG 1 + Save vs. Poison, Fail - Ill for 1D4 rounds -2 to all rolls (Sickened) - After Recovered
  2. DMG X + Save vs. Poison, Fail - 1D4 rounds Sickened - After 1 turn (Fatigued) can not run/charge, -2 to all rolls, increased spell mishap, -10% skills - After 8 hours rest recovered // Success Effect 1
  3. DMG X + Save vs. Poison, Fail - 1D4 rounds Sickened - After 1D4 turns Fatigued - After Sickened until 8 hours rest // Success Effect 2
  4. DMG X + 1d6 dmg + Save vs. Poison, Fail - Paralyzed for 1d4 rounds - After Effect 3 // success no damage + effect 3
  5. DMG X + 1d6 dmg + Save for half, Fail - Paralyzed for 1d4 rounds - after Effect 3 // Success half damage and effect 2
  6. DMG X + 1d8 dmg + save for half, Fail - Paranoid Delusions 01-40 attack adjacent person, 41-80 hurl weapon/cast spell on random person, 81-100 Role Play Past experience - success half dmg effect 4
  7. DMG x + save or die, success as effect 5
  8. DMG x + save or die, success as effect 6
  9. DMG x + save or die, success as effect 6
  10. DMG x + 1d6 - Save vs. Poison, fail paranoid delusions for 1d4 turns // half damage sickened
  11. DMG x + 2d6 - Save vs. Poison, fail 1d4 stat damage for 1d4 days // success for half
  12. DMG x + 2d8 - Save vs. Poison, fail Blind, 1d4 stat damage for 1d6 days // success half dmg
  13. DMG x + Blind - Save or Die
  14. DMG x + 1d4 Stat DMG - Save or Die
  15. DMG x + 1d6 Stat DMG - Save Or Die
  16. DMG x + 3d6 dmg + Save or Die
  17. DMG x + 4d6 dmg + Save or Die
  18. DMG x + 4d6 dmg + 1d4 stat DMG + Save or Die
  19. DMG x + 6d6 dmg + Save or Die
  20. DMG x + 6d6 dmg + 1d6 Stat DmG + Save or Die

13-19 the die effects here progress as 1 thru 7 but instead of recovering the character dies. This allows a character to roll up a new PC between tragic ending moments of their characters life.

20 the character takes ten steps and dies.

No Playtesting has been done on these rules. I take no responsibility for flipped tables.


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