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World Building in 30 Days - Recent History 5A

“History will be kind to me for I intend to write it.”

― Winston Churchill

Continuing on with the world building excercise we strive to answer the following:

Who lives where, and what wars and conflicts have they had? Who keeps the peace? How do borders stay in place? What happens when power shifts? What major resources are considered necessary to staying in power? As you answer these questions, you'll find that patterns emerge. A necessary resource is close to the boundary between two cultures. The peace-keeping forces don't always stay in power. Shifts in power result in conflict and war.

The Exercise:

Spend 15 minutes outlining the major historical events of the last 100 years before your novel begins. Include in your timeline:

Dates when power shifted in your civilization(s) (through coup, death of a monarch, revolution, election, etc.), and whether the power shift was smooth (as it might be when a monarch dies and their offspring takes their place)

Dates when a natural event reduced or increased the amount of natural resources (food, usually, but also water, timber, and other resources).

Dates when an unnatural event (such as a magical or technological event) changed the resources as well.

Each of these factors (power shifts and resource shifts) puts pressure on the civilizations. At the high-pressure points, write "battle/conflict"-- those are points at which violence may have erupted between cultures (or, if you have non-violent people, perhaps conflict that's expressed in other dramatic ways).

Events may also be interrelated-- a technological event might give the edge to one power group, which forces other groups to respond, often with confrontation.

The last dates to write on your timeline: Date your novel begins, and the date your character was born (so you know what part of history he or she directly remembers).

So WTF is going down in the 5A

  • 1359 5A - Kursus Rodemus infected with Lycanthropy. The Rodemus Mercenary Company takes over Akhban Village. A priestess attempts to enter the Wyrm Prince's Crypt. Duchess Reyifor of Riddleport is kidnapped. Gullaga dwarves begin their cycle as rulers of Kuln.
  • 1359 5A - Beginning of FPR campaign
  • 1358 5A - Riddleport merchants begin over charging for shipments after raids by Minotaur League privateers.
  • 1356 5A - Kuln goods sailing from Alkabra are seized by Riddleport ships. Alkabra and Kuln cease relationship. Kuln signs trade accords with Riddleport for export of wares.
  • 1354 5A - Duchess Reyifor's adopted daughter Bremer marries Arkhosian Prince Draez. Draez has been gifted the title of Duke of Reyifor. Bremer is officially recognized as Duchess of Reyifor by Arkhosia. Riddleport takes over shipping for Arkhosia.
  • 1351 5A - Xial assumes control of Odanis. Villages nearby are reported empty by her scouts. Arkhosia and Minotaur League break off relations after Emperor Drax offends Kordek III by wearing a sword to dinner.
  • 1347 5A - Pirate King Jax Darkhallow is slain by assassins. Duchess Reyifor forms an alliance with the Auri-Kai of the Underrealm.
  • 1342 5A - Arkhosia ends its war with Omarond, after the death of Amberin Melatar. Omarond is declared a protectorate of Arkhosia.
  • 1339 5A - End of KO and TB campaigns. An assassin kills Anthan Reyifor. The Duchy passes into Arkhosian hands. Former Duchess Reyifor marries Jax Darkhallow. Pirate fleets from Riddleport attack Minotaur shipping of tribute from Omarond.
  • 1338 5A – A force of Arkhosians aided by nobles of the Omarond Empire wrests control of the Duchy of Reyifor from the Empire. Anthan Reyifor slays his brother Dythan. Duchess Reyifor flees to Riddleport. Anthan takes over Duchy and moves his seat of power from Frandor's Keep to Depidu.
  • 1337 5A - Beginning of Knight's Order and Thundertop Boys Campaigns
  • 1299 5A until 1309 5A* Wailing
  • 1289 5A until 1313 5A* Spell Plague
  • 1289 5A - End of Monster Hunters Campaign
  • 1288 5A - Woods Crossing sustains fire and flooding damage - a plague spreads across N Ovelesk
  • 1287 5A - A zombie invasion destroys Wroat
  • 1286 5A - A water shortage in Kaleland
  • 1286 5A- Start of Monster Hunters Campaign
  • 1214 5A* Founding of Foon Takel
  • 1174 5A* Princess Kastya is married to Amberin her first act is to found the Flaming Fist
  • 1163 5A* Amberin Melatar assumes control of the Omarond Empire
  • 1162 5A - End of DragonSlayers and Black Hand Campaign
  • 1104 5A* Lazore awakens as a Rhakshasa
  • 1102 5A* Empress Frick seizes control of the Omarond Empire through trial of combat. The dragons and Dragonborn present proclaim her Empress, she immediately declares war on the Aberrant Threat and forms an alliance with the Minotaur League and the dwarven Thanes of Thak Tarkas.
  • 1101 5A* Gulohg the Usurper slays Orcus and Kordek I slays Ambeoutin XI assuming the mantle of King of the Minotaur League
  • 1100 5A* The Night of Falling Stars the dragons return from the Astral Sea.
  • 1098 5A* Kordek and Company invited to meet Armic Starr. Begining of Search for the Black Hand Campaign
  • 1097 5A* Kordek is booted from Thak Tarkas
  • 1079 5A* Kordek family is slaughtered and they flee to the the dwarves of Thak Tarkas
  • 1078 5A* The Tor Siri and Vampire Council break off relations
  • 1019 5A* The Great Enemy seizes control of Northern Ovelesk during the Great War. The Tor Siri are dominate power on Ovelesk. Institute the Magus Accords requiring all magus to register. Marcus flung into the Far Realms. Kyle the Black Hand begins search for his brother.
  • 989 5A* The town of Riddleport is founded during the Great War to stop Tor Siri shipping. Tartash begins gathering a new Seven having discovered the flaw in his plan beforeThe Great War erupts between the Tor-siri and the Gray Council many peoples and all magic users are drawn into the conflict


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